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“You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” C. Nolan

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Zack has worked in marketing and brand development most of his professional career. A graduate of Arizona State University in Business Communication, he’s worked for some of the top national and local chains in the islands. From concept to conception, Zack has led multiple visual storytelling campaigns in a variety of industry verticals, including an ABC-affiliated news broadcast, to bring creative concepts from any client to life.


Illustrations & Graphics

As a visual creative, Zack has worked with national, state and local brands from brand kick-off to expansion, crafting visual pieces catered to all consumer channels. Whether print, digital, social media and beyond, Zack brings over a decade of refined craftsmanship and proven success in design technicality.


Indie Film

View a showcase of Zack’s latest independent works. From dramatic shorts to individual brand development, Zack’s passion for the Asian American experience in a modern day era meets a uniqueness to growing up in an island community.

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Indie Film

Talent Showcase

Zack Rikito Harris is a mixed Asian American Japanese actor, writer and director. His formal acting training started in film school in New Zealand, where he’s a dual citizen. Ongoing improv studies with the UCB Training Center. Currently recurring on CBS Magnum P.I. Season 3 & 4.

Actor's Reel
Ballistic (2021) takes off Worldwide

Ballistic (2021) takes off Worldwide

Following the chaos of 2018 false missile alert in Hawaii, Ballistic (2021) short premieres worldwide. An experimental first-person family drama, recent festivals include the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), finalist at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival and experimental short award winner for London Indie Short Festival. Written, directed and featuring Zack Harris.

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